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In today’s market having access to the best technology is essential. That's why we created a one-stop platform that makes it easy to create and manage multiple convertible notes, add new investors, and engage with new clients. Our Enterprise plan gives you a one-year subscription to the platform and the ability to create unlimited convertible notes.

If you are an attorney, corporate finance expert, or a business consultant, this is the platform you need to scale your services the right way. Once you experience the unified dashboard, drag and drop functionality, real-time updates across multiple docs, and a single source of truth for all your convertible notes—it will be hard to imagine working any other way. BizNation is not just an upgrade for your practice; it’s a transformation.

Convertible Note Term Sheet

The convertible note term sheet (also known as a convertible debt term sheet) is a practical tool that creates a shared goal between two parties during a negotiation. This non-enforceable document simplifies the legalese represented in convertible promissory note and convertible note purchase agreements.

Convertible Note Purchase Agreement and Convertible Promissory Note

Together, the convertible note purchase agreement and convertible promissory note embody the final binding transaction with all of the terms agreed to by the lender and borrower (the startup owner) on the convertible note term sheet.

Additional Features

**You’ll have the option to register as a service provider from your dashboard.

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