Take our tour to see how easy it is to draft a professionally prepared, attorney-backed, legally sound convertible note for your startup.


Choose a Product or Plan

BizNation Startup Plan


Startup comes with attorney-designed templates, easy fill-in-the-blank document prep, unlimited edits, and the ability to download, print and share your documents. You can create one convertible note at this level.

BizNation StartupPro Plan

Startup Pro

With Startup Pro, you get the same benefits as Startup, but can create up to 10 different convertible notes. You can create different notes for multiple investors or give your investors a multitude of terms and investment levels to choose from.

BizNation Enterprise Plan


Enterprise was designed for industry professionals, like attorneys, corporate finance experts, and business consultants. For you, we’ve created a one-stop platform to create and manage an unlimited number of convertible notes on behalf of your clients.

Enterprise members can also sign up to offer their corporate finance expertise and other business legal services to our Startup and Startup Pro members who have opted into legal consulting. This is a great way to generate new business and engage clients seeking business legal services.


Your Dashboard: Account Details

Log in to the BizNation dashboard and manage your profile, update your settings, change your password, or invite collaborators.


Your Dashboard: Admin Tools

From your dashboard, you can also access your purchase history, view billing details, upgrade your product plan, and opt in to legal consulting.


Get Started

When you’re ready to begin drafting your convertible note, you’ll click “START” and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Using a straightforward fill-in-the-blank design, you’ll answer questions about: (1) the issuer (that’s the startup owner), (2) the investor, (3) the agreement, and (4) the note itself. If at any point you need or want legal help or advice, you can always opt in to legal consulting.


Edit and Review

Once you complete your document inputs, you will be navigated back to the dashboard where you can view your finished docs in grid view or list view.


Phase Input

It’s time to begin populating your legal documents with content specific to your business. Answer as many of the following questions as you can. Don’t worry if you need to skip a question, take a break, or change an answer, you can always come back later.

After each question, click the “Submit” button to save your response. The progress bar at the top of the page will display where you are in the process at all times. Again, if you need to take a break, that’s okay.

BizNation is designed to maximize your time, so you’ll answer questions that will populate the information across all three documents.


Live Edit

In our “Live Edit” feature, you can work on your legal documents, just as you would in a word processor. All three documents have now been auto-populated with your responses to the initial questions we asked.

In the “Live Edit” navigational tools, you can choose which document you want to edit. The “Toggle Guide” gives guidance from our legal team. The yellow highlighted content will help you complete your documents and will not be included in your final documents. Remember to click “Save” as you make changes to save them to your final documents.

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